Confessions of a Wallflower
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Personality Types When Killing People

ENTJ:  I'm very sorry, you're going to die.
INTJ:  I don't understand why hasn't anyone murdered you yet.
ESTJ:  *rolls eyes*
ISTJ :  I have prepared everything for your execution
INTP:  Omg look at how cool that guillotine is! I bet your blood would be spewing out everywhere. Why are you so scared?
ENFP:  Hey, you. Can you go kill someone for me?
ESFP:  Let's make it medieval themed! This is exciting!
ISFP:  I'll make a collage in your memory.
INFP:  I'm sorry but... omg what a cute ant
INFJ:  Your execution will be a lesson to everyone else.
ISFJ:  I promise to take care of your children